Overcome performance anxiety


Struggling with performance anxiety? You are not alone. Whether you are a salesperson trying to close a deal, a musician performing a new music piece, an actress performing on stage, the chairperson of a meeting, a lawyer in the courtroom, a sportsperson in pursuit of victory, etc., anxiety is your biggest enemy – and yes, performance anxiety in the bedroom may even rob you of satisfying intimacy in a way that could do serious damage to your romantic relationship.

Are you dreaming of a mind free of all fearful or critical voices, wishing you could focus on the task at hand instead of your nerves? Hypnosis offers you a powerful means of clearing out the subconscious beliefs that may have repeatedly caused anxiety every time you attempted a stage performance, sexual encounter, or the like. Allow yourself to reconnect with your highest potential. This high quality hypnosis recording is exactly what you need to overcome all unnecessary anxieties when required to perform.  (Return to All Titles)