Let go of past hurts


Are you constantly obsessing about the past, struggling to let go of the hurt and disappointments of yesterday? Having a hard time to let go of feelings of hurt after someone has let you down? Maybe you are hurt after a romantic breakup and can’t move forward? Maybe you have a sense of loss? Bad memories can really drag you down. The effect of past hurts are probably deeply embedded in your subconscious mind, and you need help to permanently rid yourself of the destructive power of these experiences that you have no control over any more.

The time has come to move on, to move forward. Stop obsessing and ruminating about the past. Past hurts need not define who you are or influence where you are going. Invest in yourself with this great download. Retrain your brain with this self-hypnosis recording. All our hypnosis audio sessions have been carefully crafted by a professional hypnotherapist. Let HypnoPlanet assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.  (Return to All Titles)