Improve your ability to learn to speak English

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This hypnosis recording is aimed at non-native speakers of English. Is it even possible to learn English as a second language by means of hypnosis? Yes it is, hypnosis can dramatically facilitate the learning of a foreign language in a short period of time. The results of research published in The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis (April 2016) confirm that hypnosis is highly beneficial for additional language learning and retrieval. The hypnosis group in that study performed significantly better than the control group.

Knowledge cannot magically be implanted into someone’s head – but you will be able to accelerate learning to speak English as a second language with hypnosis. Hypnosis can dramatically improve the way people learn, and it can eliminate a lot of the barriers that stand between a student of English as a foreign language and learning outcomes – for instance self-consciousness, poor retention ability, and a fear of making mistakes with vocabulary or accent. Elocution, diction and pronunciation will likely also improve dramatically. This MP3 download will be of great assistance in your efforts to improve your ability to learn to speak English. This is easy English!

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