Improve your golf

Conquer writer’s block

Improve your ability to learn to speak English

Get rid of bad habits

Excel in sport

Think outside the box

Become highly successful

Become a positive person

Improve your self-confidence

Stop smoking

Beat exam nerves

Let go of past hurts

Stop worrying

Stop feeling so down

Improve your public speaking skills

Manage your stress

Improve your memory and concentration

Overcome performance anxiety

Forgive yourself and stop feeling guilty

Overcome your fears

Relieve pain

Manage your anger and temper

Lose weight

Beat insomnia

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At HypnoPlanet we have recorded hypnosis sessions on MP3 to enable you to improve yourself in the comfort of your home.

Each recording contains a full hypnosis session written and narrated by a highly experienced, accredited and skilled hypnotist with soft, relaxing music in the background (at an optimal beat for deep hypnosis) so that you can start to make a difference to your life RIGHT NOW. See all our products here.

A short and interesting introduction to the subject is also included in each recording. This Hypnosis MP3 may very well be the best investment in your personal development that you have ever made – or will ever make…

About these sessions

Why Hypnosis MP3?

A person needs to undergo daily hypnosis sessions for at least 21 days to truly experience long-term positive results. The sessions we offer on MP3 ensure that you will have an unlimited number of hypno sessions at your disposal – to use in the privacy and convenience of your own living room or bedroom.

If you are still not convinced, consider these 3 factors:

Convenience – No more battling traffic to sessions, no more taking off from work, no cancellations or rescheduling necessary. You choose the time and place.

Confidentiality – It was established that hypnosis recordings listened to discreetly in the privacy of your own home excludes the trust issues that may occur with a hypnotist in person. The confidentiality, anonymity and comfort of your own space add to the effectiveness of the therapy.

Affordability – The cost of a hypnosis MP3 download is but a fraction of face-to-face hypnotherapy which ranges between $30 and $300 per session. That amounts to up to a whopping $6,300 for 21 sessions! At HypnoPlanet you only pay $18.99 per recording (and much less when they are on sale) that offers unlimited sessions.


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Combining thorough research, modern technology and prolific hypnosis skills, our products maintain the highest standards and proves to be extremely effective and as a result very popular. They are, however, still sold at far below the average price one pays for similar products online. We would love to keep it this way, but unfortunately we will have to increase the price in the near future. But for now, you are still in luck!

The content of these downloads is not meant as a substitute for professional medical attention. Please consult with your physician to rule out any physical contra-indications or for the diagnosis and prevention of illness.

It’s unique! It’s effective! It works!